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Have you ever considered learning German? Do you need a good reason for that? After all, life is not that short to learn it! Not only is Germany an economic giant but also the second largest exporter in the world. Due to its blooming economy, the Bundesrepublik Deutschland („Federal Republic of Germany“) is an important trading partner in the business market.

This country and its language offer not just great career and business opportunities, but also and excellent place to study and for market in general. When it comes to landscapes and nature, this nation will amaze you with the mountains in the Alps, beautiful and picturesque medieval towns and a wide variety of castles! Being the language of great poets and thinkers, German is the second most used language for science and one of the most widely spoken language in Europe!

We are more than happy to help you learn this amazing language so you can reach your goals or even to start your own history in a German speaking country! In our language academy, you’ll start speaking German from the first lesson! Here, you will learn German in a familiar and relaxed environment. Visit our German courses in Frankfurt!

Your German CourseDetailsPrice
DSH / Test DaFExam preparation courseMo-Thu 09:00-13:00Mo-Thu 14:00-18:30 20 lessons of 45 min/week 800 EUR
German private lessonsFlexible timetablesMin. Booking 20 lessons of 45 min49 EUR1 lesson of 45 min.
German 2-on-1 lessonsFlexible timetablesMin. Booking 20 lessons of 45 min39 EUR1 lesson of 45 min.

Happy Lesson

Your German CourseDetailsPrice
Private lesson14:30-16:001 lesson of 45 min. - 44 EUR
2-on-1 lesson14:30-16:001 lesson of 45 min. - 34 EUR (per student)