Our Business Language Courses

Being the city where the European Central Bank (ECB) is located, Frankfurt is the economic heart of Europe. It is an international metropolis which offers countless opportunities where many diverse cultures collide, either for business or tourist purposes.

It is essential that the residents and visitors have communicative skills while in Frankfurt, in order to have a successful business understanding in the international market. Nowadays, possessing the correct linguistic tools and knowledge of a foreign language are the key to all business areas.

We offer our language courses for companies, through which every worker and executive can obtain great opportunities to go deep into business vocabulary, while developing his/her skills in areas such as economy, finances and trade.

With us, you’ll learn to apply practice-oriented forms of speech that will give you the security and confidence while making business.

We also provide ‘in-house trainings’ by request. These on-site lessons can be booked at your preferred date and time, adapting to your necessities, eliminating the need of struggling with factors such as traffic jams and weather. These trainings can also be booked as one-to-one lessons. The appointments may be arranged directly with the teacher, parting from the second lesson.

Either group or individual, our company courses can be based on your schedule!

Contents of our Business Language Courses in Frankfurt

  • Writing of letters and emails

  • Telephone conversations skills

  • Videoconferences

  • Presentations

  • Contract negotiating and endings

  • Costumer support

  • General administration

  • Meetings

  • Interviews

Our language school offers company courses with the following languages:

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Take a look at ourbusiness courses in Frankfurt!

  • General terms of business language
  • Language courses focused on business language
  • Language courses focused on financial language
  • Language courses for the insurance sector
  • Language courses focused on human resources

Our business language courses help their participants to build and use a structured business vocabulary by employing specialized terms, slang and cultural references.