Next Course

If you have a little knowledge of German language, or even if you have nothing at all, then you’ve found the right place!

From March 11th, we‘ll start our new beginners course, parting from A1.1 level. The schedule for our classes is from Monday to Thursday, each day from 14:00 to 18:15. The course will take place in our cozy and welcoming language academy, on Sandweg #12.

Our school is in the area of U-Bahn stops such as „Merianplatz“, „Ostendstraße“ and „Zoo“. None of them is more than 5 minutes away by foot.

Of course, at the beginning, German language is not easy. However, once you start learning in the A1 and A2 levels, things will flow faster and smoothly. Everything you learn in these levels will help you out later, especially when you encounter new and more complex grammar subjects.

It is also very important that you deal with the declinations from the start, such as those of nouns and adjectives. Thus, you will have more time to practice and learn them.

As it is the case with any other language, you may commit a lot of mistakes at first. Nonetheless, that is not a problem at all! You should focus on the small victories such as declining a certain word properly. However, if you committed a mistake, do not worry! You’ll achieve your goals with time!

It will take you just 7 lessons to learn all that you should know regarding the A1.1 level. You’ll be provided with vocabulary in complete sentences and also you will get a lot of information about grammar. You’ll deal and learn with daily life subjects such as „My Family“, „My Address“, and „My Day“. 
In our school, you’ll be able to learn in a familiar environment, in small and homogeneous groups that allow a fast progress, while having a lot of fun J.
Don’t think it twice! Come over and take a look, while enjoying a cup of coffee with us!