Christmas Party 2018

Our Christmas party took place on December 6th, 2018, in our language academy, Language & Progress.

For this event, Haitham decorated the lobby beautifully. Thanks, Haitham  The room was completely clear, so there was enough space to dance and speak with everybody.

We have the best and dearest students in the world! Every single one of them contributed to the party, by bringing something to drink or to eat. We had a rich and international buffet. It was so vast that we could even enjoy some of the leftovers during the following days, while having a laugh, sharing the anecdotes of the party.

We laughed and danced a lot! As it usually happens at our celebrations, our guests brought friends, partners and all sort of acquaintances along! The wide variety of DJs allowed everybody to listen to music for all kinds of tastes. As the hours went by, the beers and wine contributed to the mood of the event. Our students who do not drink alcohol stayed with us, sticking to soft drinks and having the same amount of fun. As usual, the party did not only take place in the lobby, but it spread outside the school and it even reached the kitchen! 

Some of our students had just finished their integration course and, due to that, the farewell at the end of the evening was very touching: „You are the best and I will miss you! What will I do now with all this free time?“

The guests were fascinated by having a reunion with such an interesting mix of nationalities in the same place. Thanks to these reasons, we also found very difficult to say goodbye for the holidays. However, the groups that had not finished their integration course yet were enthusiastic to make a hiatus and welcome the New Year! 

We are already looking forward to the next parties that this year will bring along! Let’s just wait for it and, of course, we’d love to see you in the next party of our beloved Language & Progress Fremdsprachenakademie :)